-Added the capability to „Lay On“ Simple Bed and Modern Bed (2 people on Modern Bed). If you log out while laying on bed, you’ll remain in sleeping pose on the bed even when you log-out, and
will stay on the bed even while it moves on a dynamic platform. (You can still be damaged and killed when on the bed).
-Added the capability for another player to „Lock“ handcuffed players to Seating Structures (including Chairs, Benches, Beds, etc). When locked to a structure, the handcuffed player will
appear to have a cable connecting them to the structure, and be forced to sit on the structure. This state persists across logging out as well. Another player can also „Unlock“ you from the
Structure, or remove the handcuffs. Chairs within Cages are thus very useful for transportation of prisoners.
-When handcuffed, Poop now is forced directly into Slot 1. Prisoners can consume it rapidly as it builds up to attempt suicide.
-Fixed saving/loading of Lamp Post Light intensity value.

Patch 272.35
-Fixed crash with optimized GroundClutter and reimplemented it. Resulting 2-3MS speed-up in GroundClutter rendering.

Patch 272.31
-Disabled Ground Clutter optimization for now, as it was currently unstable.

Patch 272.3
-Optimized Ground Clutter rendering, saving significant CPU and GPU performance
-Re-added HDR support in Options Menu (Fullscreen Exclusive mode only, and requires native resolution for many TV’s)
-Added 2 additional Aberration Cosmetics to Season Pass: Bulbdog Mask and Reaper Helmet

Patch 272.2
-Made Ragnarok Bosses grant Tek Sword & Tek Shield & Tek Light once again, as well as having the Boss Arena last 40 minutes rather than 20.

Patch 272.11
-Prevented rafts from being uploaded.

Patch 272.1
-Fixed an issue where old Ragnarok Landscape sublevel randomly wasn’t getting properly deleted when updating the build on some servers & clients.