• Fixed a server crash that some hosts were getting after uninstalling certain mods.
  • Re-Added „My Survivors“ menu option
  • Temporarily removed HDR option, was causing some graphics issues at the moment.
  • Big Ragnarok update: 20% more map area, various changes and fixes, full Ragnarok notes here.


Patch 271.3

  • Added HDR Graphics Option (Experimental, Fullscreen Mode only, NVIDIA only, may only work up to 1080p on certain drivers)
  • Fixed Server List refreshing when adding/removing Favorites
  • Fixed Doed Level Up Animation
  • Fixed Plant Turrets vs Proning Players
  • Fixed Griffon Backwards-Fly-Run


Patch 271.24

Fixed some crashes which would prevent saves from loading when certain mods were being used.


Patch 271.21

Fixed impact decals that were not rendering.


Patch 271.2

  • Fixed a method that was being used to push characters underneath the ground (Requires Server Update.)
  • Fixed Fertilizer getting durability reset when using Deposit Action (Requires Server Update.)
  • Increased Ragnarok Boss Arena max time to 40 minutes (Requires Server Update.)
  • Fixed a server loading crash that some mod-users were seeing (Requires Server Update.)
  • Fixed remote keypads not working properly on certain legacy servers.


Patch 271.17

  • Defaulted dedicated server ?bRawSockets mode to not use threaded networking, seemed to generally be a net performance loss in our analysis. Can still be forcefully enabled with -forcenetthreading


Patch 271.16

  • Fixed an spawn issue with Ragnarok Golems
  • Changed Tek Light structure settings to use „Tek Tier“ properties (damage resistances)


Patch 271.15

  • Further improved performance of ?bRawSockets servers by eliminating threading „critical sections“
  • Added -nonetthreading option for bRawSockets servers to only utilize a single thread for networking (useful to improve performance for machines with more servers than cpu cores, especially on Linux)


Patch 271.11

  • Baby Bone Scalings & Gestation Setups now stack from Mods, and Dino Entry Icon now stack from Mods.
  • Fixed client side dino initialization crash.
  • Fixed with issue with local events on client.