– New Creature: Phoenix!
– Fixed some UI text display/alignment issues
– Client-side CPU performance increase

– Added server-side support for „Aberration“ Season Pass cosmetics. Requires Server Restart.
– Enabled player Gamma control on Official PvP servers
– Options Menu Added keybindings (default unassigned) to player Gamma1 (low) and Gamma2 (high) settings, and textboxes to specify custom Gamma values for each.

– Ice Wyvern is now properly transferrable in Cross-ARK
– Fixed issue with not being able to Cross-ARK transfer between Password-Protected Unofficial Servers

– Fixed various client crashes.
– Fixed server browser „Join“ button changing into non-functional „Wait“ button
– Disabled expensive „Distance Field Ambient Occlusion“ effect by default, even on Epic settings. Users can re-enable it manually in the Options if they wish for highest quality graphics, at a performance cost.
– Fixed Cluster Session List UI incorrectly applying search filters