• Fixed server crash when loading mods in previous build.

Patch 253.85

  • Fixed server crash in previous build (253.8)

Patch 253.8

  • Ended Winter Wonderland Event (deprecated for backwards compatibility)
  • Flyer grabbed by megalo/kapro falling thru world on client fix
  • Gate frame destruction fix
  • Bed respawn thru walls fix
  • Tamed flyers letting grabbed players/dinos stay below terrain fix (u now get uncarried)
  • Fix for tamed cave-dinos not being targetable by wild dinos
  • Mods now indicating loading progress when connecting.

Patch  253.71

  • Ladders on platform saddles now include Weight
  • Fixed a platform Bed spawn exploit
  • Fixed Megalosaurus spawns to occur in all appropriate TheIsland caves, and fixed them getting stuck within Cave 5
  • Raptor Claus Gifts now contain party hats and birthday suits (for a day 😉 )